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When the St. Lazarus Village was founded more than 50 years ago near Seoul, no one could have suspected that a world-wide organization for the support and care of lepers would develop from it, which put the Christian principle of brotherly love into practise on a continuous and lasting basis. 

All persons working for the St. Lazarus-Fonds Europe do so as volunteers. The preparation of our benefit concerts, which occur regularly, presents a particular challenge for all those involved. 

Many thanks, and may God protect all those who support us in our work.


As a doctor, I am painfully aware that the disease leprosy can still develop and spread in our modern times. Leprosy is one of the oldest known diseases, but it can be treated with the means available to us today.

After the illness breaks out, the social consequences for those affected are usually catastrophic. As the deputy chairman of the St. Lazarus-Fonds it is particularly important to me that our assistance leads to an improvement in the living conditions and social situation of the afflicted and their families. 


Leprosy just about does not exist in Europe any more. However, there are countries in which impoverished living conditions do promote the spread of this disease. The unchanged large number of new infections world-wide annually, particularly in some countries in Asia, Africa, and South America, continue to tell us that there is a great need for aid. 

When diagnosed in the early stages, leprosy is quite curable thanks to new antibiotics and therapies. Infected persons may be treated in normal hospitals. 

With a focussed use of financial means the St. Lazarus-Fonds helps the affected persons directly and immediately. Our efforts are accompanied by the conviction that it is important to help the sufferers retain their dignity.


It is important that donors and supporters have confidence in our work. As a lawyer and notary in the board of directors I oversee the observance of our Articles of Association and the correct use of our funds as well as the compliance with other legal conditions. Every Euro which we receive should fall on fertile ground.



Doing good deeds requires the provision of sufficient financial means. It gives me particular pleasure when we succeed in gaining new sponsors and supporters for our work. My many professional contacts in the corporate world help me with this endeavor.


I have been assisting the St. Lazarus-Fonds for the past several years as an active member. Through energetic collaboration with the projects, moderation of benefit concerts, or travels to project sites I support the work of St. Lazarus both in Germany and in Korea.

Leprosy can be healed, and in spite of this people are still suffering world-wide from this disease. Those afflicted are excluded from society and have no opportunity to provide for themselves. A comprehensive help for self-help is the first step in offering lepers a chance to attain a better living standard.


Many people tend to look away from people in need. Most people know of leprosy as a disease from biblical times, and think that it has been eradicated today. However, the disease is very real and effects many people in various parts of the world. We from St. Lazarus-Fonds Europe make a better life possible for those afflicted with leprosy. Our efforts are concentrated on various projects in countries in need of help, and our mission is just as important as our activities:
Hope in our humanity, that we have the ability to help the needy from the bottom of our hearts.  
“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:35-40


The St. Lazarus-Fonds provides targeted assistance for people who have no perspective of living a worthwhile life without help from elsewhere. The direct and project-oriented work of our organization makes it possible to assist lepers and their families in remote areas. It gives me great pleasure to see how people in these places regard our organization and supporters, and that our projects have such a positive impact on the leper’s life quality.



The St. Lazarus Fonds Europe gives me the opportunity to help people who do not have the opportunities which come from living in a highly technologically and medically developed country like Germany. As a future industrial engineer, with a specialty in construction, I see huge possibilities to contribute my interests to projects which will make positive contributions in places where leprosy is still active. I am pleased that I will be able, together with good friends and acquaintances, to develop and implement further excellent projects. These are projects which enable suffering persons to take a self-sufficient and independent road in life.



I have been a member of the St. Lazarus-Fonds since 2013. Due to my profession as a lawyer my duties are primarily in supporting the planning, implementation, and supervision of future projects.

As the father of two small children, it is particularly important to me that our efforts bring some lightheartedness and joy into the lives of the children in the leper colonies.



I live with my wife in Myanmar and primarily occupy myself there with the St. Lazarus Fonds project in Loilem. Additionally I take on coordination and controlling duties for leprosy assistance projects in other countries, which are conducted by the St. Lazarus – Village in Korea.

As a documentary film maker I record the development and progress of the individual projects in my visits.

Julie Nge

I live in Myanmar, and in addition to my professional work with a development organization, I support the St. Lazarus-Fonds with coordination and communication with the project partners in the country.

Myanmar's development and the struggle against poverty are particularly important to me.


For most people in the western world, leprosy is a term out of the distant past, something unpleasant but long since relegated to the history books. It simply has nothing to do with modern society. Elsewhere in the world, leprosy is real and feared. Just as they were centuries ago, the afflicted are still outcast from society and suffer and die by themselves.

The St. Lazarus-Fonds Europe provides real, practical support for those who would otherwise receive nothing, and who otherwise have little or no hope for improvement in their lives.


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