South Sudan

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In war-torn South Sudan, the leprosy-affected village of Tonj is located near a clinic run by the Salesian Order. Members of the St. Lazarus-Fonds visited the village several times and implemented extensive aid projects here. These included:

  • Construction of a community centre for village meetings, school classes, and worship services

  • Expansion of residential houses with rain roofs and construction of toilets for the residents

  • Building of two wells for the village community

Due to the poor security situation in South Sudan, further projects in Tonj could not be continued after 2013.


2005: Tonji, South Sudan

Once I had managed to step inside, at first I could see nothing at all in the darkness. After my eyes had gotten used to the darkness if discovered that there was a bed made of bamboo sticks in the… For decades people in Sudan suffered from a humanitarian crisis and from a civil war which took over…

2011: Travel Report Tonji, South-Sudan

After the 10th anniversary celebration of the St. Lazarus-Fonds Europe we wanted to see at first…

2013: Tonji, South-Sudan

Completion of a Community House The focus of our assistance in Tonj, South-Sudan was initially in the construction of a community…


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