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In 2023, members of the St. Lazarus-Fonds visited leprosy-affected communities in Nepal and established a partnership with IDEA Nepal. The organization is managed by people with lived experiences of leprosy, who advocate for the concerns and support of others affected by leprosy in Nepal.

A pilot project in collaboration with IDEA Nepal aims to create and enhance livelihoods for families and communities affected by leprosy. The project comprises the funding of individual livelihoods such as animal husbandry, workshops, and village shops in the Pokhara region and the impoverished Madhesh Province, near the Indian border, which is heavily affected by leprosy. The aid recipients organize themselves into local self-help groups and collectively decide on using the funds.

In another project, a cooperative soap production will be implemented as a source of income for families affected by leprosy in the village of Okkarpauwa.


Videos from the visit to Nepal in November 2023

In November 2023, members of the St. Lazarus-Fonds visited Nepal for the first time, met with…


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