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2021 - Medical building Project completed

The Medical Building, a part of the boarding school, is finished



The renovation is complete!


Excerpts from the KMSS Report:



Introduction and Summary of the Project Activities

Karuna Mission Social Solidarity – Taunggyi (KMSS-TGI) has been implementation the Financing for Renovation or Remodeling of Medical Building for the use of the boarding boys or the vulnerable student’s program in Hokhai village, Leper Colony, Loilem Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar since. The donor who fully grants the budget to this project is St.Lazarus-Fonds Europe. The objective of implementing this project is to provide to strengthen vulnerable students and communities intellectually and spiritually at Hokhai village tract by promoting and using the quality of the Boarding House.


Trip Report

We travel to the project area once per month and in urgent situations must also travel to implement the project activities. It is 64 miles away and it takes about 3 hours to reach the project area (Hokhai, Leper Colony) from Taunggyi. Along with the project trip, we met with the priest in charge of Leper Colony and bricklayers’ group to discuss the project, get feedback, ideas, and monitor the project activities.


Activities Report

We have two main activities 1) monitoring the quality of the Boarding House renovation / remodeling the Medical Building for the use of boarding boys and vulnerable students 2) Material supports and installation for Boarding House. Firstly we did an orientation with the priest in charge of leper colony and KW-Emperor team. After the project orientation, we came up with the contract of implementing the project activities and directing the KW-Emperor team's utmost efforts towards the project implementation. Afterwards we conduct monitoring and evaluation of the implementation activities in order to meet the overall goals and objectives of the project.

Lessons learned

Along with the project implementation activities, we learned how important the boarding house is for the students to live safely and study effectively. As a result of the medical building renovatation vulnerable students will be able to study more effectively and efficiently. Students will be better equipped to learn and encouraged to pursue a higher education.



Prior to the renovation
Removing the old roof
Off with the roof!
New roof construction
Work on the exterior
Seen from the rear
Finished! - view with a garden