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2017: Loilem

A video on Loilem in 2017. The video discusses the past, progress in projects in 2017, and what can be done in the future.

Here is a brief look at the leper colony Loilem in 2017.  This video is narrated in German, but the pictures alone paint a clear picture.  The narrator speaks of the visit in 2015 by members of St. Lazarus Fonds Europe, which led to several ambitious projects. There is a discussion of the on-going agricultural project which should lead to nutritional self-sufficiency over the long term, as well as providing an income from sales of produce. The new wells, financed  by the St. Lazarus Fonds, are also shown.  Both the provision of running water and also the new agricultural output have changed the lives of the inhabitants for the better.  This will assist them to be much more independent and less reliant on outside assistance.

The film also shows the conditions in the other 4 villages and points in particular to the unacceptable hygenic conditions there.

We would like to thank our on-site cameraman, Mr. Philip Staerke, for these images.