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Renovation of the Medical Building - finished 2021

The renovation is finished!


Excerpts from the  KMSS report:



Early in 2021 the finishing touches were put on the boarding school medical building in the Hokai Village leper colony.

The renovations included a new roof, refurbished interior, and external improvements to an older building. The finished result is far more attractive than it used to be, and quite aside from the practical usage aspects, now graces the area and the school.

The medical building is one part of a larger project of a boarding school for vulnerable pupils. The pupils stay at the school, which offers them a better opportunity to study without distractions. This is a clear improvement over their sometimes difficult family situations.

Improving the educational opportunities of those in the colony is another positive contribution to the long term outlook for the residents. A few years ago we instigated the agricultural project, which is running well and setting the colony on its feet. Education is another vital step.

The project was entirely financed by the St. Lazarus-Fonds Europe, and overseen by the Karuna Mission Social Solidarity – Taunggyi (KMSS-TGI).